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Diabetes and Sickness

When you develop fever, flu, upset stomach or any other minor illness and are advised any medication, do take them along with your diabetic medication. However, inform the doctor treating your minor illness, about the diabetic medication that you are taking for diabetes. Check your blood glucose and urine for sugar and acetone (ketone bodies) frequently. Make sure, you are drinking water adequately and not getting dehydrated. Do not hesitate to contact the doctor treating your diabetes.

It is generally advised that your family and friends should know about your diabetes and the treatment you are taking. It is particularly important, if you are taking insulin. Your family and friends should also know the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Such symptoms vary from person to person, the common (usual) ones being sweating, headache, fatigue, tingling around the mouth, confusion and trembling. You may also experience throbbing of your heart (palpitations). Similarly, early warnings signs of diabetic ketoacidosis like abdominal pain, vomiting, any change in alertness and heavy breathing, need urgent medical care.

In the event of your admission to a hospital for an ailment unrelated to diabetes, make sure to carry your recent blood sugar and other ‘test’ reports and treatment records.


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