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What is Bed-Wetting?

Enuresis is termed as bed-wetting. This condition is common to bed-wetting of children at night and can be extended to teenagers and rarely seen in Old and Aged –Person in cases of loss of control of bladder activity. However, all cases of Bed-Wetting cannot be termed as Enuresis as the same act can occur due to fright, laugh, sneezing as well.

In few cases it was seen in Children wherein their Psychology was built due to some kind of Threat or Fright from people coming in their vicinity resulting into Bed-Wetting.

This is may be caused due to suppressing urinal for longer time, can be part of habit, not emptying bladder, consumption of more of liquid diet and avoiding at times calls of nature.


The same condition can be managed by avoiding consuming liquid one-two hours prior going to bed, emptying bladder/urinal before going to bed, consuming hot (Not Liquid) before going to Bed.


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