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The Athlete and Diabetes Can Jog Together

Because diabetics can be found functioning normally everywhere, finding them on a baseball diamond, football field or in a gym is to be expected. Despite the fact that it is a serious disease, with guidance, control and modern day medicine, the diabetic can excel in an assortment of sports. Numerous successful athletes and sports personalities have lived with diabetes. They learned how to control their illness and it did not interfere with their profession.
Some examples of celebrated sports heroes who had diabetes are the boxing champ Joe Frazier, baseball's legendary Ty Cobb, and tennis great Arthur Ashe. These sports legends were able to get to the top of their profession in spite of having diabetes because they learned how to live with it. And those around them, like coaches and trainers, were schooled in what to do if an emergency should occur.

Diabetic athletes participate in numerous sports, like track, basketball, and soccer. In order to compete safely in these sports the athlete must understand what the illness is and what needs to be done to control it. Things like testing your blood sugar prior to the activity and immediately after, re-checking it every thirty minutes during the activity, never begin play too soon after eating and always wearing shoes that fit well to avoid foot injuries that are common due to circulation problems that come with the illness.
In order for the diabetic athlete to compete and excel in organized sports activities safely, he or she must make sure that those around them, like coaches, trainers, sports medicine professionals and gymnasium staff, are aware of their condition so that they can respond properly if a crisis should occur. Since intense physical exertion brings down the quantity of sugar in the blood stream, diabetic athletes must see to it that these people recognize and understand the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Not sharing this information if an emergency should materialize might leave them and the diabetic in a perilous situation.
The athlete with diabetes must wear a medical bracelet at all times. They should join and participate in support organizations where they can engage and share their concerns and difficulties with others in their same situation. And, the diabetic athlete must likewise be knowledgeable of his or her body's reactions to changes in sugar and insulin levels. Recognizing these changes will help them to take the necessary action needed to return them to normal levels and to keep competing and winning in their chosen sport.
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