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Preventing Or Even Reversing Type 2 Diabetes!

The signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes are not as obvious as those for say influenza. I wish they were; then it would be easy to deal with, over with quickly long, before blood sugar levels become too high and before too much fat is laid down in the abdominal area. A week or so and it would be gone! Sadly it's not that way. This form of diabetes sneaks up on us, we don't even know it has us in it's sights. And so much is happening in our body and we don't even have a clue.
To start with we just feel tired, not a little tired, extremely tired. We shrug our shoulders, maybe think we are getting older, or just working too hard. If you find any of the following applies to you or someone you love, please see your health care provider as soon as possible:
1. Fatigue: when your cells are deprived of sugar, you become tired and very irritable. The unusual part of this fatigue is that you often wake up feeling tired.

2. Disturbed vision: when blood sugar levels become unstable the shape of your lens is affected and focusing becomes difficult.
3. Excessive thirst and urination: when sugar is unable to move into your cells and remains in your bloodstream, fluid is pulled from your tissues. This leaves you thirsty, therefore you drink and urinate more frequently.
4. Frequent infections and slow healing of wounds: when your blood sugar levels are consistently high, this increases your vulnerability to infections because your white blood cells cannot fight viruses and bacteria as effectively as usual.
5. Tingling in your hands and feet due to neuropathy: damage to the blood vessels supplying the nerve fibers results in a decreased supply of oxygen. This can lead to loss of sensation or pain. If you notice numbness along with other symptoms of type 2 diabetes, you have possibly had diabetes for a while because this usually takes more than five years to develop.
How can you stop developing this type of diabetes? Assess your physical condition: check with the above symptoms and ask yourself the following questions ... are you overweight? Is your diet a sensible one or loaded with fats and sugars? Do you hate to exercise regularly? Do you smoke?
A "yes" to several of these questions should prepare you to make an appointment with your health care provider. You need to understand you don't just wake up one day and have type 2 diabetes. There are all kinds of early warning signs you have insulin resistance and are at a high risk of developing diabetes in the near future. This is your chance to prevent developing type 2 diabetes.
Many people who discover they are in the early stages of developing type 2 diabetes are willing to make simple lifestyle changes and hopefully, then they will not need to begin medication. One of the effective lifestyle changes is to lose weight and follow a healthy food plan.
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Beverleigh Piepers is a registered nurse who would like to help you understand how to live easily and happily with your Type 2 Diabetes.


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