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Are you or someone in your family affected with diabetes? Chances are either you or someone you know is dealing with diabetes, or may be considered pre-diabetic. If you have diabetes, more than likely you are very aware how significant your diet is in the management and treatment of your diabetes. Perhaps your diabetes requires you to receive insulin injections to help control the level of your blood sugar.
If you have to deal with insulin you know the importance of the proper dosage and receiving it at the right times.
Perhaps you don't require receiving insulin however you do require diabetic medication to help you control your diabetes. One way or another you've got it under control with diet, diabetic medication, and/or insulin.

Let's take the treatment of your diabetes a step further. Have you considered exercise as part of the treatment of your diabetes? Once you become aware of how exercise benefits the treatment of diabetes, your approach in dealing with your diabetes may change your life. Exercising with diabetes needs to become a lifetime commitment, one that will all around improve your quality of life.
Exercise benefits in managing diabetes in a number of ways. In fact, exercise combined with controlling your diet, and diabetic medication will not only help you control and maintain a healthy weight, but also control your blood sugar level. Exercising with diabetes improves the use of insulin in your body. It also burns body fat which helps to improve the effectiveness of the body's insulin.

The reduction of blood sugar is most significant in the treatment of diabetes. When exercising, the muscles need extra energy in the form of glucose. With continued exercise the muscles use up to twenty times the amount of glucose compared to the normal rate. Often times, exercise has such a positive effect in lowering glucose that in some cases where one is taking diabetic medication the need for the medication can be reduced or discontinued completely.
In addition to exercise directly affecting one's insulin and decreasing blood sugar, there are benefits to your overall health which indirectly improves your diabetic condition. For example, exercising with diabetes reduces stress, improves muscle strength, and lowers blood pressure. It also improves blood circulation and energy level while decreasing risks for heart disease and stroke.

Strength training has shown to be beneficial in the treatment and management of diabetes. Strength training not only makes the muscles stronger, but the muscles increase in size. With strengthening and enlarging the muscle also increases the need for more energy. The larger muscles then increase the ability to absorb and utilize additional blood glucose in order to provide fuel. The more glucose absorbed into the muscles and used as fuel, the lower the blood sugar in the blood.
Incorporating exercise with management of diabetes not only improves one's health and well being, but it also helps to prevent other conditions and diseases which are the result of excessive glucose in the blood.

Seriously take into consideration the importance and benefits of exercise along with diet and diabetic medication or insulin in treating diabetes. Also, understanding the physiological affect in the body and how exercise and developing strength increases the use of blood sugar and helps in the efficiency of insulin. For the best diabetic testing supplies, visit


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