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Insulin - The Hormone That Diabetics Lack

Insulin is need by the body to burn that glucose that is produce when we eat something. The pancreas is where it is produce, somewhere inside the pancreas the beta cells are located which produce insulin.
Having type 1 diabetes means that the body isn't capable of producing any hormone, the bets cells are ruined thus it is not able to produce insulin to use the sugar from the food that we consume. Having type 2 diabetes means that the body is still capable of producing insulin but the problem is with body. In this type of cases, the bodies can not fully absorb and use the hormone. A person who has type 2 needs diabetic pills so that it maximizes the use of insulin in our body.

To help the patient break down the glucose and create energy for the body, insulin is use. If insulin would be taken as a pill then it would just break down like any other food that we eat. In order to get the insulin to our body a patient needs to inject the hormone to their body so that they will have a supply of insulin in their bodies.
The insulin that we are using comes from animals like pigs. There are different types of insulin in the market right now. A patient must consult a doctor first before using it. Some doctor advices diabetic to change their insulin once in a while to make some adjustment depending on the reaction of the body to the insulin type.

My brother died on May 2009 because of complications with diabetes. This has encourage me to start my blog entitled "Living Life with Diabetis".


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