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Diabetes Can Be Cured

Diabetes is a deadly medical disorder that if left unchecked will initially cause complications in a person who will then succumb to it is a slow and steady decline in health to mortality. Do something about diabetes because it can be cured. I have advised many people on diabetes management and so do well while there are others who just prefer to continue taking the medications as prescribed by the doctors.
Simply, diabetes can be controlled and eliminated by focusing on our food intake. The majority of diseases are caused by foods that we take and the main culprit is sugar.

If we take care and be selective in food intake, then a healthy can be assured for everyone. However, normally we are too engrossed in immediate enjoyment that we tend to ignore the hazards posed by sugar.
So to get rid of diabetes, we just do the following routine:
1. Ensure that we do not consume any form of sugar and its derivatives. The same applies to simple carbohydrates because once consumed, simple carbohydrates will immediately be converted into sugar. There is no limit to the other forms of foods that you can take. Take as much as you like of the following-eggs, meat, fish, vegetables and sea foods.
2. You must find time to exercise, at least thrice a week. Exercise will increase your body resistance to infections and sickness and movement of muscles will trigger the lymphs into full alert in the immunity defense system. In addition, your body cells will become more receptive to insulin action and will allow the regulation of blood sugar levels.

3. Intake of supplements must not be forgotten as your trillion of body cells need vitamin and minerals to thrive and energize the body to optimum level for daily maintenance. These supplements are needed by your body for tissue repair, defence, waste disposal et cetera. Especially when you body cells are constantly bombarded by excessive sugar. You cannot get much from your daily foods so why not force yourself to those supplements. This will do you a lot of good.


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