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Diabetes Supplies

More and more people are waking up to the reality that there is no cure for diabetes. The best they can do when dealing with this dreaded disease is to limit the damage by controlling their blood sugar and living a more disciplined life.
The latest figures released by the American Diabetes Association show that 17 million Americans are suffering from diabetes. These patients need proper advice and an authentic medical outlet for obtaining their diabetes supplies. Already scores of vendors have set up shops, both offline and online, to provide diabetes supplies. The insurance companies too have got into the act and have drawn up a list of items for which policy holders can make claims.

The diabetes patients, depending upon their condition and the kind of medication prescribed, need to keep a proper stock of the following supplies:
Insulin, Insulin Pumps and Syringes: Insulin is generally prescribed when a diabetes patient has exhausted all the traditional channels of medication. Unfortunately once a patient has began taking insulin it will be difficult to stop. Fortunately, the patient need not visit a pharmacy or hospital to receive their medications. If insulin is required it can be taken directly either by injecting it through a syringe or by using an insulin pump.
The various devices available for dispensing insulin include: insulin delivery syringes, insulin pens, jet injectors, external insulin pumps, implantable insulin pumps and insulin inhalers. Convenience and cost will be major factors determining which method is chosen..
It is important to know where to find your medications. Some types of insulin must be purchased either from a pharmacy or a drug company.
Blood Glucose Meter, lancets and testing strips: Every diabetes patient must buy a blood glucose meter. It is also important to stock a full supply of lancets and testing strips in order to test blood sugar levels regularly. There are a variety of testing meters available on the market, the leading brands being OneTouch, Accu-Chek and FreeStyle. Testing your blood sugar is an important part of controlling diabetes because it helps regulate sugar levels. You should never compromise on they type of meter you choose and should try to always carry it with you.

Emergency Supplies: Diabetes patients must always carry on their person a small amount of glucose that can be taken whenever there is an attack of hypoglycemia. You should also try to keep sweet juice, honey or candy at easily accessible places at your office or home for such emergencies.
It is also recommended that you wear a medic alert bracelet on the off-chance that you are unable to advise people of your condition in a medical emergency.
With this proven system you to can lower your blood sugar level and retake control of your health and your life.Through a real life crisis Julia figured out how to live diabetes free.


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