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Diabetes Cure - A Simple Approach

A diabetes cure is not only the most reasonable but the most important step to totally eradicate the disease. Diabetes is a very dangerous metabolic disorder that will kill you slowly if no action is taken immediately to address the problem. As you know, diabetes of type 2 is the cause of many complications that will eventually lead to mortality. Among the complications are stroke and cardiac disorder, kidney failure, blindness, and amputation arising from blood circulation problems.
Diabetes elimination can only be initiated if the diabetic patient is fully committed to undertake the following steps toward eventual elimination of the disorder:

Eliminate all forms of sugar. This can be found in the ordinary table sugar or in all flour-based foods. The presence of sugar in foods like pizzas, noodles, fries have always been ignored and there are many who complained the lack of sugar control without realizing that consumption of the above foods lead to sugar level rise in the blood. Check all grocery purchases when you next do your shopping as sugar tends to be included in food when you least expected it.
It is essential that you have enough exercise.  Exercise can be in various form. Even doing household chores is exercise. This is productive exercise - you get a clean house as well as a fit body. Normally, an exercise three times weekly is sufficient to activate the muscles and increase your resistance to diseases. The good ones include cycling, aerobic exercise and swimming. Exercise will improve sensitivity to insulin thus allowing good blood sugar control. Try to get involved in an exercise that you enjoy.
Ensure that you take sufficient supplements to nourish the body. This is one area which most diabetics tend to ignore.  For example, insulin requires zinc and vitamin B6 in making its chemical structure. For diabetes I would recommend:
1. A multi vitamins and minerals tablet  once daily
2. Omega 3 1000 mg capsule twice daily
3. Vitamin C 1000 mg once daily
4. Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg 2 capsules daily
5. Vitamin E 400 i.u. 1 capsule daily 
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