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High Blood Sugar Symptoms

High blood sugar symptoms can be difficult to identify - especially since some of them are common symptoms that most people experience - whether or not they are at risk for diabetes or any illness related to excessive blood glucose levels. We are going to explore some symptoms related to persons affected by increased blood glucose amounts. These signs will be categorized by mild, moderate and severe.
Mild Signs of High Glucose Levels

- Dry, itchy skin
- Increased thirst
- Increased urination
Moderate Signs Of High Glucose Levels
- Blurring of vision
- Discoloration of the urine - usually a dark yellow color
- Decreased amount of urine (with frequent urination urges)
- Lethargic feelings - including dizziness and weakness during any type of physical activity
Severe Signs Of High Blood Glucose Levels
- Loss of consciousness
- Severe weakness - unable to perform basic physical activities
- Difficulty understanding basic conversation
- Rapid heart rate along with a weak pulse
While it could be difficult to diagnose an issue with hyperglycemia based on the mild symptoms listed here, the moderate and high blood sugar signs should get your attention. Prolonged periods of high blood glucose levels in the bloodstream can result in damage to the internal organs of the body - including the heart, kidney and urinary tract - just to name a few. If you have been diagnosed with high blood sugar symptoms - whether high, moderate or severe, you should take all necessary steps to reduce the glucose amounts and avoid potential permanent damage to your body.


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