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Diabetes is Deadly For Weighty Women

When you receive the Seal you become conscious of how much you weigh and make an effort to lose extra weight. Now that is more crucial than ever since new studies link obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Four new studies show a link between obesity, diabetes, and cancer. And the link between diabetes and excess weight is already well known--extra weight puts you at greater risk to develop diabetes.
When you have diabetes, your need for insulin affects how likely you are to get cancer. But it is different for men and women. If you are a woman your risk of getting some kinds of cancer increases with insulin use.The information from these studies was released Friday December 7 2007 at the Annual International Conference on the Frontiers of Cancer Prevention Research which is held by the American Association for Cancer Research.
The results did not surprise scientists, who have thought along similar lines. Diabetics use a lot of insulin which along with other hormonal factors, increases cell production so more cells grow, including cancerous cells. The first study was done by the University of Minnesota, and those results showed that women with diabetes have a 50 percent greater chance of developing colorectal cancer.

The researchers tracked over 45,000 women who were taking part in breast cancer detection programs for over 8 years. Though they did not conclude exactly what is causing the increased risk, insulin use is likely the culprit. That was what the second study concluded. Diabetic women have a 300 percent greater chance of developing breast cancer, and their use of large amounts of insulin is probably the reason.
The second study, from Yale University, looked at C-peptide, a marker of insulin production, for 8 years. It found that the upper third of high C-peptide levels were 200 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than the lowest third measured.
The third study was not as much about diabetes as about the weight gain that so often causes it. This study was done at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It showed that when women are found to have invasive breast cancer they should not gain any weight, because if they do, they will be much more likely to die from the breast cancer.
Several thousand women in the study were classed according to the body mass index. Women in the obese class were 2.4 times more likely to die of breast cancer than women in the normal body mass class.
Fat tissue produces more estrogen, and estrogen grows cancer cells. So the women are at greater risk for cancer and dying of it whether they are diabetic or overweight, or both. And the results with the men? The men are fortunate compared to the women. Testosterone like estrogen grows more cancer cells. But insulin reduces the amount of testosterone in men, so their chances of prostate cancer when diabetic are significantly reduced.
When you are sealed, God shows you how to begin taking care of your body, and how to change your weight by eating less and eating healthier foods. And you will stay healthy because you change spiritually when you receive the Seal.
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