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The Very Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition characterized by increased amount of glucose (sugar) in blood. There 2 types of that condition - Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is more common for young people and has more rapid onset while Type 2 usually develops more gradually in older adults. Both types result in high blood sugar, however, the reasons for that outcome are different (Not enough insulin production in Type 1 and insulin resistance in Type 2).
What are the very early symptoms of diabetes? The most common one is frequent urination. When the level of glucose (sugar) in blood becomes too high, kidneys can't function properly and return glucose back in the bloodstream. This causes certain amount of sugar to remain in your urine. Glucose inhibits the absorption of water back into the system which results in too much urine being produced. This is the first symptom of diabetes - frequent urination.

With frequent urination the body loses too many fluids and as a result it is dehydrated. Dehydration results in an excessive thirst which is a second symptom of diabetes. So if you are running to the bathroom all the time and are very thirsty all the time, the chances are that you are becoming diabetic.
Those two symptoms are the same for Type 1 and Type 2.
There are other symptoms of diabetes such as unintentional weight loss and increased feeling of weakness and fatigue. Those two symptoms are caused by lack of glucose getting to the cells of the body. Without glucose cells become exhausted (fatigue) and body starts using other sources of energy such as muscles and fat (weight loss). However, those symptoms are more pronounced in Type 1. In Type 2 diabetes those changes happen rather gradually so they may go unnoticed.
If you experience all or some of those symptoms it is highly advisable that you visit a doctor to get checked up.
Final Tip: The treatments for diabetes are not always the same, by researching and comparing the different => new diabetes treatments <= you will find out which one is right for you. Fortunately, it has been reported the effectiveness of some natural supplements and prescribed medication. Also, there are natural remedies and treatments that are very safe and work to treat your diabetes without any flaw.
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