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The Truth About Sugar and Diabetes

Most people believe that once you have diabetes then you could never eat cakes, pie or any confectioneries again. The truth is that you can still have your much love desserts. All you have to do is to include put aside the sets for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. The last time that I have attended the wedding of a friend I did eat small portion of the cake and my blood sugar level weren't that affected.

Myth about Sugar
The myth about sugar causing diabetes is the most common accepted fact for most people. Experts has proven that eating sweets has nothing to do with developing diabetes. Eating too much food and gaining weight is the cause for increasing diabetes problem - the body never did care on which food comes, whether it is from a cake or a burger. The real offender is gaining too much weight.
In Ancient times, doctors tell diabetic to completely avoid any food with sugar. They believe that eating sweets will elevate blood sugar level. Research has shown that the type of carbohydrate can greatly influence the blood glucose level rising.

The total amount of carbohydrate also affects the rise of blood sugar level. Now experts agrees that you can still keep your blood sugar level on track even if you are eating small amount of sugar by substituting it for foods that contains carbohydrate into your meal plan.
Never overindulge on sweets. Buy them and eat outside of your home so that you could easily control yourself. Eat desserts with someone and split it with them.
I come from a diabetes prone family. Both my father and my brother have already died because of diabetes. In my quest to know more about diabetes and somehow fight the dreaded disease. I have started a blog entitled "Living Life with diabetis".


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