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3 Diabetes Mellitus Prevention Measures

The Prevention of diabetes mellitus may be seen as a heavy economic burden on the society, which may be an obstacle to their implementation. However, the costs of the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications are so high that prevention would be beneficial in economic terms quite apart from the benefits to the health of individuals and society.
The opportunities for the prevention of diabetes mellitus are categorized into three levels. The three levels include;

Primary Prevention
Primary Prevention covers activities aimed at preventing diabetes from occurring in susceptible individuals, or populations through modification of environmental and behavioral risk factors or determinants, or specific intervention for susceptible individuals. In practice, this include any activity undertaken prior to development of clinically evident diabetes mellitus.
Secondary Prevention
This prevention measures of diabetes cover activities such as screening, which aim at early detection of diabetes, prompt and effective management of the condition with the aim of reversing the condition and/or halting its progressions. In practice, this includes any strategy aimed at the detection of yet undiagnosed cases of diabetes. Again, activities can be targeted at populations or high risk groups or individuals.
Tertiary Prevention
Tertiary Prevention of diabetes is any measures undertaken to prevent complications and disability due to diabetes. That is, to prevent or delay the negative health consequences of diabetes among individuals who have already developed the disease. In practice, this means early detection, effective management education and metabolic control as well as the correction or reduction of major risk factors for specific disorders.

To put the problem of diabetes to a reasonable level, if not cured entirely, below are helpful tips:
Dietary management and exercise. Dietary measures and daily exercise are required in the treatment of all diabetic patients in order to achieve the overall therapeutic goal.
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