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Nursing Care Plans For Diabetes

Tests for diabetic patients are done both when fasting and after food. The blood and urine of both these are studied clearly to get a confirmed stature of a diabetic patient. If the symptoms are alarming, the same is done repeatedly after a systematic gap.
These patients are monitored closely by keeping a check on their glucose and blood pressure level. They are not allowed to undergo any surgery unless and until their sugar level is brought under check.
The diet of a diabetic patient plays a very important role and it has to be carefully followed. The eating habits and diet is well planned to recover fast.

A dietitian would be the right person to advice on these issues. A record maintained would help to plan further and make amendments accordingly. It is not just the diet and tests when it comes to nursing a diabetic patient. When it comes to drugs, nurses should be given the responsibility to check the right medicine before administering. If the patient is acute diabetic, a dosage of insulin is recommended by the doctor. This insulin is refrigerated until twenty minutes before the administration.
It is also a part of nursing care plan that a nurse takes care that insulin is not injected in the same area repeatedly. The site of injection needs to have the ability to absorb the medicine. A record in this regards also needs to be maintained.
A diabetic patient at times could feel dizzy or highly fatigue, which a nurse should be able to handle with care and expertise as a part of nursing care.

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