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While it may be hard to admit, as diabetics, we know that fast food is not the best way for us to go. But we do live in a fast paced world and we are constantly surround by fast food restaurants. Who hasn't had the kids or grandkids in the car spotting every fast food place on the road? I know I give in once in awhile to my younger grandchildren and treat them to a "kids meal". And I am willing to bet you do the same thing!
While the golden arches, etc. may be tempting, it is best to pass them by as often as possible. However, there are always times we have to do what we have to do.

If you are out and absolutely must have something quick and you find yourself only in "fast food alley", don't despair. Or perhaps you just have to give in to the little ones and go for it. Fast food is an option when ordered properly. Here are some tips to help you make good decisions once you step into that bastion of greasy fried food.
1. Be sure to order the small sizes. Forget the "super size value" the cashier will tempt you with. Remember it is not a "value" if you shouldn't have it.
2. Avoid the deep fried foods. You know you shouldn't have them so forget it! No french fries for you; order a small side salad instead. And go easy on the dressing. A drizzle won't hurt you. The whole package will!
3. When ordering your sandwich, go for the grilled chicken or the smallest size burger. Then you need to stick with this important step; ask that your sandwich be made without the dressing and mayo based sauces. If you want something on your sandwich, ask for mustard, catsup, lettuce, tomato, pickle and/or onion. If you get the small burger, break off the excess bun. Many times the burger is almost lost in a big bun. You know you shouldn't have that extra bread! Or you could remove the top of the bun, eliminating over half of the bread.

4. Drink water or unsweetened tea. Yes, you can have that diet drink if you really must. However, water is best for you with the unsweetened tea following in a close second.
5. Skip dessert. You really don't need a fried pie or cookies, etc. If you really must partake of dessert, go for a fruit and yogurt parfait or a simple small ice cream cone.
As you can see, it really is possible to do fast food once in awhile without feeling guilty. Just make it a rare occasion. As diabetics, we simply cannot afford to be visiting "fast food joints" on a regular basis.
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