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The Perils of Diabetes

Diabetes is a very much dreaded metabolic disorder worldwide but the problem is that some diabetics take this disorder very lightly to the effect that they ignore the risks but continue to take prohibited foods, and refuse to exercise. Complications arising from diabetes are plenty. The consequences of not properly controlling your blood sugar level can be fatal on the long run, leading to a deteriorating lifestyle around syringes and dialysis if it was to lead to kidney failure.

Diabetes is affecting 250 million people worldwide and by the year 2025, if no concrete actions are taken to arrest this disorder, 380 million people will be affected. 10% to 20% of diabetics die of kidney failure. Diabetes is the largest cause of kidney failure in developed countries and is responsible for large dialysis cost. About half of the diabetics are unaware of their condition and in some other countries, the rate of unawareness can be as high as 80%. Every 10 seconds two people develop diabetes and also every 10 seconds, a person dies from diabetes- related causes. This is a very alarming situation.
For type 1 diabetes normally occurring in those below 40 years, islet cells that produce insulin are totally absent. Due to this defect, diabetics must monitor their blood sugar and then inject insulin several times daily.
One consolation is that one can cure type 1 diabetes by undergoing the islet transplant, which will give the diabetic the islet cells that will produce insulin for blood sugar control. Normally, complications will not arise if islet transplant is done as it involves only a very small portion of the pancreas.

However, as you know with any transplant, be it one involving the heart, kidneys, and liver, there is bound to be rejections so this islet transplant is only limited to those who had undergone kidney or liver transplant, having earlier received rejection suppression medicines.
The above asides, we must also be reminded of the other major complications of diabetes including blindness, stroke, blood vessel damage and peripheral neuropathy.
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